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Fall 2020 issue featuring James C. Metzger, Matt Bruderman, and Rob Pannell



Bruderman & Co would like to congratulate their Head of Mergers & Acquisitions and Chief Legal Officer, David R. Lallouz, who has been elected chair of the Mergers and Acquisitions Committee of the Business Law Section of the New York State Bar Association.


October 2021

One year into the global coronavirus pandemic, daily life is just beginning to resume. We expect consumers will resume many pre-pandemic activities but that some of the behaviors learned during the pandemic will remain.

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March 2021

Potential economic impact of COVID-2019.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-2019) has emerged quickly, causing significant market volatility. We examine the potential economic impact of the virus by looking at past actual and potential pandemics.


March 2020

2020 Market Outlook

For 2020, we expect modest GDP growth ranging from 1% to perhaps 3%. Growth in this range would ensure a dormant Fed leaving the trade war...


January 2020

We believe equity investors often ignore dividend component of the equity return stream and do not appreciate the role high dividend-paying stocks can play in a portfolio.


October 2019

Stocks plunged on Friday, August 23 as the intensity of the Trump Administration's trade war ratcheted up. First, China announced pre-emptive tariffs on agricultural and auotmotive products...


August 2019

Stock markets fell sharply on August 14, 2019 on news that the yield curve has inverted. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by more than 800 points, over 3%, and the broader S&P 500 index...


August 2019

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