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Opportunistic Investments

Bruderman Enterprises, Inc. is a merchant bank specializing in both minority and control investments in the lower middle-market. We have either successfully exited or are currently shareholders in companies operating in the consumer, healthcare, and financial services industries. We are opportunistic investors who seek to capitalize on unique investment scenarios, and will consider investment in any market sector.


Investment horizon & structures

The firm has access to capital to fund initial investments, growth initiatives, capital expenditures, and add-on acquisitions. Our capital comes from a variety of sources depending on transaction type and structure including the following:

  • The Bruderman Family

  • Principals of Bruderman Enterprises and its affiliates

  • Long-standing clients and co-investors from our multi-generational investment management business

  • Current and previous clients of our investment banking division, Bruderman Brothers, LLC.

  • A broad base of financial institutions

  • Strategic companies with whom we have long-standing relationships


In addition to the aforementioned sources of funding, we work with lenders who provide debt capital to fund acquisitions, working capital, and growth.

Investment Horizon

We are long-term investors with patient capital and flexible investment horizons.


Investment Structures

We have the ability to invest capital in the form of equity (minority or majority positions), debt, or a combination of the two in order to fund growth initiatives or provide liquidity for shareholders.



Typical Transaction Size:

Revenue: $10 - $100 million

EBITDA: $3 - $20 million



Our investment decisions are based on the strength of a business and its management team rather than its location.



We consider investments in all industries. Based on the firm's current portfolio and investment objectives, the sectors we are actively seeking platform or add on investments are financial services, apparel, automotive, entertainment, healthcare, aerospace, and business-to-business services. That said, we are highly opportunistic investors and will consider and have made investments in many other sectors if there is a particularly compelling opportunity.


Desired Company and Industry Characteristics

  • Closely-held companies and family businesses

  • Experienced management teams

  • Proven business models with several years of operating experience and revenue growth

  • Companies that have been profitable for at least 3 years

  • Clearly defined growth opportunities

  • Fragmented industries

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